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Opdateret: 03-01-2012

Filter F21-1 and ventilator NV-HV040 for cleaning of a powder Paint booth in Polen








Filter F21-1 and ventilator NV-HV025 for suction of welding smoke in Holland










Filter SAX8 and ventilator for lowpressure, filtering welding smoke in Germany






Filter and ventilator NV-HV040 for suction of welding smoke and cleaning in Germany










Filter F60-15 and ventilator NV-HV050 for suction of welding smoke and cleaning in a shipyard in Germany








Oslo`s new Operahouse with 3 central vacuum- cleaning systems, each with a capacity for up to 10 users. In the background large office buildings with installations from Nordic Vent ApS





Compact mobile suction unit NV-HV040 F42-2

With store for hoses and cable

For purposes in shipyards and by steel constructions

























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